Family Polka Program

Tributes To The Bands 

     I am not an award winning author, but my stories are imaginative and sentimental. People ask how I got the idea to use song/album titles and how it all started.

     Back in 2008 Mike Matousek was inducted into the Polka Music Hall Of Fame. Jay & I threw a dance to honor him and 250 of his friends came out to hear Charm City Sound play some awesome music.

    I made a giant card for everyone to sign and as I was trying to find the right sentiment I knew it had to be special and unique. After a while I decided to use song titles that Mike recorded over the years.

     It needs to be a special occasion for me to write a tribute. By using Song/Album titles that the honoree has recorded makes each story different and unique.

    I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Janice Lochner

Stas Golonka Tribute 2017  

Richie Midura Tribute 2017

The Brass Connection Tribute 2016

Lenny Gomulka Tribute 2016

Doubleshot Tribute 2015

Ray Jay Tribute 2015

Scrubby Tribute 2015

Toledo Polkamotion Tribute 2013

Happy Louie Tribute 2013

Eddie Blazonczyk Sr. Tribute 2012

Mike Surrat & The Continentals 40th Anniversary Tribute Poem 2012

Mike & Mike USPA Favortie DJ's Tribute 2009

Polka Family Tribute Story 2009

Mike Matousek Hall Of Fame Tribute Poem 2008


Updated  25 April 2016