Toledo Polkamotion

Totally Perfect Music

The italicized words are song titles TPM recorded


Joe Zalewski

   It was thirty years ago when Toledo Polkamotion took Ohio and the polka world

David Kish

Eddie Biegaj

by storm. Clap Your Hands as The Beat Goes On with some Pod Nogi music by

Andy Pawlak

Michael Tylinski

Toledo Polkamotion.  Whether it's the Most Requested Polka Medley or Toledo's

Ted Pethlick

Frank Dramczyk

Favorite Waltz Medley, Everybody's Dancin', some to a Different Drum.  East

Ted Lange

Tim Berger

Meets West every time they go to the coast.  Whether they're driving Away

Jeff Mleczko

Steve Zilka

From Chicago On The Meadow, down Country Roads to the Blue Mountain in

Eddie Siwiec

Steve Hayest

Pennsylvania or By The Seashore of New Jersey,  they're always Going My Way.  

Erik Bogdon

Bob Lynn

I've Got To Go and Join The Fun.

Matt Rosinski


   Oj Jej Kohany, I Never Knew you could Party All Night until Early Morning.

Debut 45RPM  1983

Open Up Your Eyes, it's Monday Morning and the Playboy is found with Delilah.

Traditional Polish Melodies  1993

Polkas In Motion  1984

I'm On My Way to Paint The Town Tonight he says.  I'm going to the Tall Castle

Visions  1993

Join The  Fun 1955

with my One True Love, Lucy, the Girl Of My Dreams. T.G.I.F.!

Favorite  Traditional P&W 's  1994

Polka  Heaven '87  1987


Double Play  1994

TGIF  1989

   I told the Girl At My Side, Caroline ,Kiss Me Once Kiss Me Twice, Kiss Me One

Presents Mustang Sisters 1995

Grand Illusiom 1990

More Time, My Little Darling.  I Wanna Call You Sweetheart and I Wanna Spend

Blackjack  1996

WRS Polish Christmas  1991

My Life With You,  That Smile On Your Face, Julida, says Let's Go, let's Get It

Holy Toledo Live  1997

Favorite P&W's Vol 1  1991

Together.  We can share the Last Waltz Of The Evening.  It's a Sweetheart

No Illusion  1998

Feel The Motion  1991

Waltz Medley.

Timeless 2000

Party All Night  1992


The Beat Goes On 2001

A Very Merry Polka Christmas 1992

   Bye Bye Pani. I Never Meant To Fall In Love With You because All You Ever

All Night Long 2002

Do Is Bring Me Down.  I've got Two Bucks and I'm Going To The Movies with My

Mother's friend, Karolinka.  She's Daddy's Girl and I Just Have To Say, Can I Be  

Band of the Year

The One?  You And  Me, Tonite, Tonite, so Don't Be Scared.

Grand Illusion



Grammy Award Nominee


   Kiss Me Pretty Woman By The Glowing Campfire as the Stormy Clouds Parade


overhead.  What Should I Do when the Raindrops start to fall?  We're Standing By  

USPA Song of the Year

The Oak tree near the White Table eating Red Apples, Red Berries and drinking

Band of the Year

Girl Of My Dreams

Red Rose wine.  We Wait And See a White Eagle flying overhead above a field of



White Roses.  A Secret Agent Man is asking Questions about the Jailbird,


  Andrusia, Who Stole The Kieshka.

Band Of The Year


Best Group Performance


   I was Wishing On A Star Tonight When I Met Cindy. I Saw Her Standing

Polka Party Animal Awards


There.  I told her I love the Light In Your Eyes.  Kiss Me You're The One.  Don't Be


  Afraid, Take My Hand Forever.  I've Come To Take You Home and give you All My  

USPA Song Of The Year

Lovin' at Bedtime before I say Goodnight Sweetheart.  My friends said Get

Key to the City

Red Berries

Married Brother under the Green Maple wearing a Black Hat.  Marry Merry Mary

Duncan, Nebraska


so we can Celebrate with the Bridal Dance and enjoy some Apples, Peaches,


  Pumpkin Pie.   

USPA Album Of The Year


Best Group Performance

Grand Illusion

   I Just Have To Say TPM will Always Be My Friend.  They'll never be Another You.

Polka Party Animal Awards


It's like A Grand Illusion or a Blast From The Past. We're all dancing to Pod Mostem


  and a Tribute To Happy Louie.  Like the Bartender's  we say Na Zdrowie and Bottoms


USPA Male Vocalist

Up to one of the best, most energetic and fun to watch polka bands.

Favorite Ethnic Entertainer

 Eddie Biegaj


LEW Peoples Choice Awards


   So, Until Tomorrow, we say Congratulations.  This Time There's No Illusion.  We'll



always have The Memory of those Unspoken Moments as you Show Me The Way to go    

City Council Resolution

Home For Christmas and have a Holly Jolly Christmas with my Father And Mother,

Favorite New Recording Nominee

Toledo, Ohio

We wish you Peace On Earth and I'll always be Thinking Of You, All Night Long.

Holy Toledo LIVE


Thank you for One More Dance,  Goodnight.

LEW Peoples Choice Awards




City Council Resolution

                                                                       Janice Lochner

Favorite Ethnic Entertainer

Chicago, Illinois


LEW Peoples Choice Awards