In 2008 Mike Matousek was inducted into

The IPA  Polka  Hall Of Fame

Jay & I threw a party with over 250 of his friends

We made a giant card which everyone signed.

I wrote this poem for the card as a tribute to Mike

The words written in Italics are titles of songs that Mike recorded


Someone Special


From the Kozy Acres of his home

To the mountains At The Spring

He'll Turn On The Charm

When a Boy's Medley he sings


Remember When

A Sweet Lullaby he played

For the Birds and the Bees

I'm Feelin' Good today


The Bartender's Yukon Jack

May make you Tipsy In The Garden

But a Bloody Mary will make sure

Everything Is Fine in the mornin'


So Tell The World

Come Dance With Me

The Baltimore Hop

Walk Through This World With Me


When The Band Plays A Polka

We'll have a Good Day

In The Windy City

And Across The Bay


Boys Will Be Boys

That's how that old line goes

Why Mike's Someone Special

Only Heaven Knows


Here We Go Again

This comes From Me To You

To keep polkas alive

It Takes People Like You

Written by Janice 2008