The Maestro's Men

20 Years of Great Polka Music

   100 Maestro's Men song and album titles in "Italics"  were used to write this story


    Hey, Hey Polka Music Is Here To Stay as the Maestro's Men Strike Up The Band and follow in the footsteps of their good friend Maestro Ray.  Since 1996 the Maestro's Men have been performing Just For Fun like Traveling MazursFrom The Far Shore of Long Island Crosstown through the Greenwoods to the Town Line in Roselawn, these Young Fellows have been entertaining us with a Polka From The Heart.

   When they take a break, You And I can find them with their Belly Up At The Bar Drinking Vodka, or a Grasshopper.   They are watching a game between the Orioles and The Beast Of The East.  You can hear the crowd yelling Horray For The New York YankeesOut Of the Blue the Bartender Rosalinka gets into a Little Mischief by putting Hot Peppers in their drinks.  There's a dance at St Joe's or Vic And Lou's, and the guys can be found with Three Ladies.  Eleanora, Jenna Lynn and Evelyn in her Red Hat.  They are also joned by Three Buddies, the Bachelor Harry, Mike And Ray. Everyone will enjoy Hot Polkas, Cold Beer And Warm Friends as they Polka At The Mardi Gras.

    As they have a Happy Reunion they listen to the music of an All Girl Orchestra the Strolling Sisters.  Dennis asks, Where's Joey?  It seems The Jolly Caballero is Whistling At The Girls as they do The Lindy and The Chelsea Hop.  He says I Want a Sweetheart For Christmas, A Heavenly Angel like Maryann The Polka Angel.  We'll spend Christmas In New England and Sing About The Good Times as we hear the Nimble Fingers of Richie's Medley and Here Comes Santa Claus played on the Clarinet and Richie's Christmas Accordion.  Our Wedding Day, Hannah Rose will be up on Santa Claus Mountain near the Waterfall and Blue Roses.  A Decade later we can celebrate Happy Holidays and our tenth Anniversary, My Little Angel.

   Before I Met You I had many Hard Times.  It was Touch And Go and I was Always On The Move, taking my Automobile in the Fast Lane along the Pulaski Skyway.  I thought it was a Good Morning living like a Hot Shot Easy Boy, but it was not a Good Day today.  I would run around with the Lonely Girl, Millie.  Her Kitten Lucas, who was a Lucky Hunter, Lightly and Politely  brought me  a dead Lovebird and Fire Fly he caught Around The Green Forest.

   It was Polka Season At The Far Side Of The Lake.  Katie Went Swimming in Ocean Beach Park while the band played Sax On The Beach. As the Setting Sun goes down behind the horizon, Dennis says, Once More from The Top as they play Johnny's Dream Request for his Krakowianka Heidi-Ho.  The band also plays a Polka For Ginny.  They love the Music And Girls.

   The Life Of A Musician can be very exciting.  It's All About The Music, live or On The Radio.  Whether you're Rockin' At The Rochester in West Warren or in the Old Country, Live, Love And Laugh.  Be happy and Enjoy The Little Things, but please Don't Stop The Music.  Thank you Dennis, Jackie, Rich, Jim, Andrew, Ken and Bob for twenty years of great music and fun.  We Think You're Wonderful.  You're Something Special and we look forward to many more years of great polka music  by The Masetro's Men.

                                                                                                                          Janice Lochner