Our Favorite Polka Sweethearts

I was 14 years old when I went to my first polka dance.  Happy Louie & Julcia were playing .  He hooked me on polkas and polka dancing. March 3rd 2013 The IPA paid tribute to Happy Louie & Julcia.                                                                              I wrote this tribute and presented it to Louie & Julcia.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

 All the words in Italics are song titles that Louie recorded over the years

   Our favorite Polka Sweethearts are Massachusetts own Happy Louie and Julcia. From the North Shore of Buffalo over the Brooklyn Bridge, through the Garden State to the Green Grass of the Mountain Park, you can hear those Happy Musicians playing. The Clarinet, the Fiddlers, the Swinging Concertina, the Tuba, the Yakety Sax and the Accordion A Go Go all Join In And Sing A-Long with the Songbird and the Nightingale on a Sunny Day.

   It's Sunday Morning and the Bride Comes to Church in her White Veil for a Polish Wedding. Young Lovers, Annie and Jasiu are the Bride And Groom. They stand Side By Side on this Good Day as their Loving Mother, Grandma, and Grandfather wish them a Happy Life filled with Love And Peace. There's a reception at Vic And Lou's Tavern near the Firehouse. The groom makes a toast To My Wife With Love. I've been Waiting And Longing For You for Six Years. I Love You, My Gal, and we will live our life One Day At A Time.

   For The Good Times we would take a Polka Holiday aboard the Love Boat in the Springtime. We would Take It Easy as we sail down the Chesapeake Bay to the Stormy Atlantic. All our friends are aboard. Johnny's there, along with The Polish Girl Helcia, Rose Marie, Barbara, Denise, Diane, The Girl From Lowicz and the Polish Lad, Super Carl. They all come to hear Little Louie and Julie play a Sing-A-Long Medley as they dance to the Domino, Bumpsy Daisy, and the Silver Slipper. Louie will change the tempo with the Blue Skirt Waltz and a nice Oberek Medley.

   There's a Star Spangled Banner waving somewhere over the State Fair. There are plenty of things to do and see including the 4-H exhibit with its Grey Goose, Two Canaries and a Cuckoo Bird. If you're hungry, grab your Beer Mug while you enjoy some Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie. Maybe even some of Mary's Blueberries. Old Timers from the Old Country come from Town To Town on Monday Morning to Swing And Sway The Polka Way at The Toledo Dance. It's So Cool to see everyone Swing And Sway as the Happy Musicians play a Krakowiak, a Rheinlander, the Green Meadow Czardas and a Polish Waltz Medley. Before saying Dobranoc Louie closes the night singing the Polish National Anthem and God Bless America. The crowd yells for One More Time Polka Medley. They say We Don't Wanna Go Home.

     The Clock On The Wall goes Tick Tock. It's Eleven O'Clock as Emilia Goes Polka Disco on the Orange Blossom Special. Traveling across Our Country, over the Mountain Highway to Casablanca, we Open The Window and hear an Old Polish Medley. It's Time For Home as the Sunflower is Blowing In The Wind.

     My name is Janina and I wrote this tribute to Happy Louie and Julcia, using 120 song titles they have recorded over the years. There is no one Who Has More Fun Than Polka People, and Louie always had fun on stage while jumping up and down and twirling his trumpet. We say Thank You Lord for giving us these Two Sweethearts.  I Love Music, especially polka music. As Years Come And Go, I'll always remember the Gentle Dreams Of Yesterday. It's a Gay Life, a Happy Life, so let's raise our glasses as we say Na Zdrowie and thank Happy Louie and Julcia for all the years they have entertained us. We're Doing Our Thing and You're The One whose Songs We Sang and will continue to enjoy for many years to come.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Janice Lochner 2013