L'il John  Nalavenko Tribute

A Great Band Leader Polka DJ and Promoter for 42 Years

The 130 words in Italics are song or album titles John plays live or on the radio.

   Congratulations on 42 years of keeping polka music alive. I Love Polka Music, even those Old Polka Records that you play.  From the Eastern Sound to Chicago Style Music, How I Love Them Old Songs, every Polka Record that you play.  I'll Forever Love the Sounds Of Music, especially the Live And Kickin' Jammin' Polka Hits and the Hot And Honky Foot Stompin' polkas that we hear.

   Mr. DJ, What's Dat Music I hear on the radio?  Happy Polka Music.  Is it My Favorite Song, one of the Most Requested Hits, or is it a DJ's Choice?  Please Play Me A Song.  Play A Song I Know, A Polka Just For Me.  I'm a Polka Music Fan and Polka Music Gets Me High.  You play Songs By Request so Play Me An Oberek, A Song For A Winter's Night.  Play Me A Polka, Just Because I'm In A Polka State Of Mind and I've got Polka Music In My Veins. 

   Hey Mr. Music Man, You're always On Cue and The Reason We Love Polka Music.  We enjoy the Heart Warming Sounds featuring the Golden Voice Of Polkas. We love those Awesome Accordions, Sizzlin' Buttons, Happy Trumpets, Drummers and Fiddles On Fire with those Smokin' Polkas.  We Share Polka Music together.  The Beat Goes On every time  you play the Old Country Style to the New Batch Of Polkas, the Holiday Favorites and Polkas For Children.

   What A Life we'll have.  It will be a Glorious and Grand Time on the Front Porch under the Blue Skies and California Sun In My Old Polish Town.  We Like It When The Music Plays.  We hear a Blast From The Past like Pije Kuba, All The Flowers or a Happy Louie Polka Medley.  Forever And For Always we'll be Addicted To Polkas.  We're on Cloud Number Nine.  Life Is Good and I'm In The Mood for a Fistful Of Polka.  Merrily I Sing One Of Those Songs I Remember.  It's a Good Day as I Drive On down Polka Road and Listen To My Song On The Radio.

   It's Alright o Be A Polka Fan. I Love To Dance and Listen To The Music live or on Polka Radio. I Live Love Laugh and Enjoy The Little Things because it's such a Happy Day. I'm Proud To Be Polish and I thank My Polish Family.  for The Love Of The Music.  Three Cheers for the Polka Stars who play it for us.  When The Band Is Done we all shout One More Time and Get Up And Dance.  Life Is Good and I'm Confessin' that Weekends Were Made For Polkas.  It's A Family Tradition In My Home to Party Til Dawn Down At The Tavern.  We're Belly Up to the bar with Hot Polkas Cold Beer And Warm Friends.  Around Midnight I ask the Bartender to Bring Me More Beer.   The next morning At Home In Bed we have Biscuits And Gravy and a Bloody Mary.

   Thank You For The Music The Magic Music. The Greatest Hits, The Country Flavored Polkas and all the Polka Hits you play each week.  You Let The Sounds Come In our homes as you give us Generations Of Music and Moments To Remember.  We appreciate the Musical Memories and enjoy listening each week For The Good Times.

   It Takes People Like You to Keep Polka Music Alive.  So Let There Be Music, Happy Music.  Give Me Polka Music.  Play Us A Polka and Tonight We'll Share A Song.  Polka Music Is Here To Stay and everyone is Jammin' Around The World.  All your friends want to congratulate you as you Do What You Love.  As a Polka DJ, band leader and promoter for 42 years, we Thank You for The Gift Of Music.  We're Glad You're Here and I wish you could play our favorite songs Til The End Of Time.  You're a Little Drummer Boy and I think you're Terrific.


                                                                                                                Janice Lochner