Eddie Forman


50 Years Of Plentiful Polkas

There Are 164 EFO song and album titles in "Italics" in this story

   It's always a Good Time Polka Party at Svens Austrian Ballroom when EFO:The Eddie Forman Orchestra is on the stage. At The Dance, Mary's Cooking Pierogi along with Hot Dogs And Cabbage for All God's Family. Frankie's at the bar serving up all favorite drinks like Rock And Rye, Scotch And Soda, Red Rose Wine and of course some Jose Cuervo. Hey Hey Fans, be careful not to drink too much or you'll get a terrible Headache.

   We wish the party would go on for Seven Days And Seven Nights.  All of the EFO fans are there.  Sunny, Alphonse, Mamie Jane, Irene, Frania and the Pittsburgh Girls Kristie and Angelina.  The Blonde Bombshell Stella is dancing the Bumpsy Daisy with Eddie, a Pilot from a small village in Krakow.  Karolina and Alyssa, the Girls From Chicago are having a Heart To Heart Talk with Ben And Stacia.  They tell him to Open Up Your HeartShe's In Love and very Happy.  Stacia tells Ben I Love You and I'm Counting On You to Grow Old With Me. Tell Me That You Love Me because I'm Crazy About You.

   We're In My Garden on Cinco De Mayo to celebrate Kristie and Mike's Wedding.  Despite the Stormy Clouds and occasional Raindrops the ceremony is perfect.  As the Bride And Groom are introduced, the Musicians Play the Polish Wedding March.  Plenty of great food at the Wedding in the Green Garden including Matka Jedyna's Cazrnina, a Black Forest Cake and Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie.  Everything was Smaczne.

   As the Two Lovers give each other a Diamond Ring, the groom says Kiss Me Oh Honey with your Lucky Lips.  I Love You Every Second.  You Light up My Life and I Wanna Be with Beautiful You.  You'll be My Girl always and forever.  I don't have Too Much Money but we can have a honeymoon in Mexico or maybe a Visit To Poland.

   One Dark Night, while they were on their Tour Of Poland, the Girl In The Window was watching the Young Man Tony.  He was running Round And Round chasing Pepino The Italian Mouse and Pasqual The Italian Cat with a Yardstick.  Off in the distance Babbs can hear the Fiddlin' Mountaineer playing his Funky Fiddle.  He was Fiddlin' Around With The Band playing Henry's Medley.  The Blonde Bombshell Marianne says if I Only Could Polka, I'd be enjoying the music more.  As the Violins Play For Me The Happy Go Lucky Young Bachelor said Step Aside and I'll teach you how to Sway and do A New Shake. He did And Then I Danced all night long.

   As they say Farewell for the night Tony said to his Polish Italyanka, Come Dancin' with me at the State Fair next weekend in Beechwood.  They were planning to have an Unveiling of the new statue that depicts Life At War with Old Glory waving overhead.  Unfortunately, Three Thieves stole the statue and hid it Under The Bridge Of Paris.  We had a bad storm and it floated the statue downstream where it hit a boat and cracked into several pieces, Stone By Stone.

   From Chicagoland to the Dark Clouds Over Brooklyn, the Girls Girls Girls Sing In The Morning like the Happy Gypsy LilajTell The Boys it's not Just Another Polka.  It's a song about Girls And Roses, Anger And Tears, A Place In The Sun and leaving Footprints in the sand.  It's also about a Flirting Girl telling a Fisherman Once You Were My Everything.  Everybody Needs A Rainbow and I thought you were mine, but all I got was Rain Rain.  I won't be Somebody's Fool so I'm Movin' OnI Have No Money but there Ain't No Turning Back

   We all know There's Nothing Like A Polka.  Everybody Loves A Polka and  I Love Polka Music.  I'm a Polka Lovin' Lady because Polka Music Gets Me High and it's part of My Crazy Life. I can't make up my mind which song i like the best.  There's Four And Twenty Hours, Tiger By The Tail, Shake Shake Senora or a Tribute To Happy Louie Polka Medley featuring the Green Grass polka.

   I'll Never Forget that I Has A Beautiful Time with EFO.  Way To Go Musicians.  I Love Everybody and I would be Sad And Lonely if I couldn't Listen To The Music and hear My Favorite Song live or on th Polka Jukebox.  We hope you're Still Around for years to come and Play A Song For Me.  You were great Yesterday And Today you're even better, so Let's Sing Together always. 

  Congratulations Eddie and Way To Go. Thank you for fifty years of putting A Song In Everybody's Heart.  They say that when you do what you love it's In The Blood and we're Wishing For You many more Good Days and Goodtimes Through The Years.  It's one of Life's Many Blessings that I will remember for The Rest Of My Years.

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