In 2012 Mike Surratt celebrated his

40th Anniversary as the Bandleader of

 The Continetals of Washington, DC

The words in "Italics" are song titles that were recorded by the Continentals

Forty years ago The Continentals were born

Mike Surratt on Accordion, Leigh Mangubat and Joe Stevenson on horn

Ray Wagner on drums and Mike Parrish on sax

Their first recordings were LP's, stacks of wax


They were Happy Wanderers sharing Happy Times

Playing enough music to Last A Lifetime

Down At The Twist And Shout Honky Tonk and The Little Saloon

Let's Have A Party under the glow of the moon


With the Mambo Girl, Teresa

We danced to La Cumprasita

The Chicken Dance and a Marsch Potpourri

A Strauss Waltz Medley and a Walzer Potpourri


Take Me Baby on the Chatanooga Choo Choo

To Tuxedo Junction and Grand Avenue

The Lichtensteiner polka makes Dreams Come True

Join the Seeman in Brazil where there's songs for me and you


From a Happy Louie Polish Medley

Slovenian Polka Medley or Irish Polka Medley

Edelweiss, Ukrania and the Domino

They're some of our Continental favorites Don't You Know


Beer, Breakfast Of Champions and Apple Tree Medley

Strawberries and Raspberries, Beer Drinking Medley

Who Stole The Kieshka, I Love My Sauerkraut

Jerk Chicken and Peanuts, if you're hungry try them out


Painter's, Herz Schmerz, Schone Maiden, Rocky Top

Blue Skies, Autumn Breeze, dance til you drop

Under The Weeping Willow near Tulips From Amsterdam

I Wanna call You Sweetheart, It's Continentals Polka Time, ma'am


Polka Here and Polka There

Polka Shoes are everywhere

Dancing to Stranger On A Shore

Or perhaps doing a Boarischer


Today it's Mike, Al and Joe

With the Trumpeten Echo and Orangetina Tango

Hallo Guten Morgen Deutschland

You're our Favorite Polka Band

written by Janice Lochner May 2012